Traditional Project Management Software vs Agile Project Management Software


Traditional Project Management

In traditional project management processes are sequential. Once deadlines are set you manage the project by seeing the tasks and comparing when the work was done vs the when it was supposed to be done. So project manager’s job is to make sure that all the activities are meeting their deadlines. Project manager prefer to create Work Break Down Structure (WBS) for the work that need to be delivered, using WBS PM not only divide the work into deliverable but also create activities need to be performed by resources. Other tools PM uses are following.

– Cost-benefit-analysis

– Gantt charts

– Value-benefit-analysis

– Risk Register



Agile Project Management

In Agile Project management, project is divided into small 1-4 week iterations. Team select specific work to be performed during an iteration. PM keeps track of the progress of the iteration in terms of work done during the interaction. In agile requirements are named as stories and each story is given a certain weight called point based on the difficulty, complexity or dependency of the Requirements. PM needs to have tools to figure out how many story points are being completed during the iteration (sprint). For that PM keep track of the velocity of the sprint . Velocity is calculated using average work completed by the team during iterations. Every sprint has a burn-down or burn-up chart which shows how many story points were completed during a specific sprint.


Some Famous Project Management Software 

Microsoft Projects


HP Project Portfolio Management

Pivotal Tracker



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